A Thirteen-Year-Old’s List of Fun Stuff to Do in the Summer

I was sifting through some old papers from my childhood and I found a list of “Fun stuff to do in the Summer” that I had written when I was thirteen. If you’re feeling uninspired about your own summer plans, maybe you can find some ideas here for things to do…

1. Go to the pool and do dives on the board

2. Go with mom on a long trail (bike riding) 

3. Have a picnic with Jillian and Becca (maybe) at the brook

4. Relax in the hammock in the shade with lemonade

5. Go to NYC with Aunt Mary on July 19

6. Go to Camp Caroline Furnace (Adventure Plus)

7. Make a mural on the driveway with chalk

8. Have a lemonade sale with Annie

9. Play Capture the Flag or Cops and Robbers

10. Have a water gun fight with neighborhood friends

11. Bachelorette party with Jillian and Becca

12. Hold a neighborhood wide talent show

13. Go on Josh’s trampoline

14. Have tons of sleepovers

15. Volunteer in the library with Stephanie

16. Read at least 20 books

17. Go to the movies a lot with Kelly

18. Go out to Macaroni Grill

19. Get my nails done and get a haircut

20. Highlight hair

21. Eat lots of watermelon and roast marshmallows 

22. Go camping in the backyard

23. Go to Splashdown water park

24. Have a street hockey tournament

25. Play computer games (HP, mini golf, Sabrina)

26. Build a fort inside the basement

27. Paint a picture with acrylic paint

28. Make a pancake breakfast for family

29. Make a scavenger hunt

30. Earn money for going to Best Buy

31. Finish cross-stiching project 

32. Buy craft set or book

33. Throw a party for no reason

34. Bike to Greenbriar and shop!

35. Have movie marathon/ stay up all night

36. Organize desk, drawers, closet, cabinets

37. Color laces all different colors on sneakers–> stamp markers

38. Put on a puppet show with Annie

39. Practice volleyball

40. Make up my own song and sing it

41. Write a book and try to get it published

42. Draw signs like “no mosquitos” or “cool wind welcome”

43. Make a scrapbook with lots of pictures

44. Try to learn French!

45. Make a silly clock

46. Go to Blockbuster and rent Gone with the Wind

47. Paint room (sponge it) blue

48. Rearrange room (move stuff around)

49. SLEEP IN!!! zzzzz

50. Make a pretend cruise with Annie

51. Listen to the radio (97.1)

52. Make a cake (chocolate)

53. Make a collage out of newspapers and magazines

54. Play cards at a pretend casino (Monopoly money)

55. Go on walks every evening with Dad

56. Play in the sprinkler

57. Remember to wear sunscreen and sunglasses

58. Have a luau for fun

59. Go to the bookstore (don’t buy anything)

60. Have a hot tub party in the little pool

What things did you dream of doing during the summer when you were a kid?


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